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Discover the Proven Solution That Gets Your Baby to Sleep like Clockwork

It works even if everything else failed. Proven by 13,649 well-rested parents (and counting)...*

* Disclaimer: Of course I can't guarantee that you will have exactly the same success in the same time as I or the many other parents had since every child is unique.

But first, forget all the things you have been told about your baby's sleep in the past...

Unfortunately, most information is dangerously outdated and usually reduces your baby's chances of a calm and deep sleep.

The absolute worst you can do is to begin with a sleep training for your baby without a proven and sophisticated plan (I'm sorry to say, but that's how most parents still do it).

Sadly, I am speaking from my own, very painful experience...

I now want to share a revolutionary method with you that puts even the most stubborn child consistently to sleep every night.

The best thing about it is that you and your little one will be done with the training in no time!

But first let me introduce myself:

My name is Susanne, and I would describe myself as an ordinary woman and mother. I'm originally from Germany and moved to Portland several years ago, so please excuse any grammatical errors ;).

I also have 2 kids who monkey around all day but who I of course love very, very much!

But unfortunately, our second child Martina confronted us with a problem which quickly became unbearable:

Our little girl simply never fell asleep!

I want to share with you here on my website my very own personal story and how I came across an effective system for a baby's sleep nearly be sheer accident (and which actually works!).

When I was twelve, I already wanted to be the proud mother of 9 children one day

...and today I take care of more than 70 children

Sometimes life is strange: Instead of having 9 kids of my own, I nowadays take care of 73 children at a day care center I founded 4 years ago.

That's why I can credibly tell you that - through my own two kids and the children from the day care center - I am confronted with the topic of baby's sleep almost every week.

While the majority of the children from the day care center have outgrown any sleep problems, a lot of the parents also have newborns at home...

For that reason, I heard countless desperate stories of sleepless nights over the years...

However, I only realized the significance of the problem once I experienced it first-hand with my own daughter Martina.

In the beginning we still had hope that Martina's sleep would improve by itself over time

Unfortunately that did not happen. Actually, quite the opposite happened...

Sometimes it took several hours until Martina finally fell asleep!

Her eyes often were swollen and red from all the crying - it broke my heart every time I saw my daughter in this terrible condition!

That was the point when I realized that now is the time that I simply MUST find a solution for this problem.

Not just for my own child, but also for the suffering parents and children from my day care center...

In hindsight, I have to admit that I clearly regret not having started researching this topic earlier since I was asked so often for advice by other parents.

So I got down to work, researched the issue for weeks and truly read everything I could find in regards to a child's sleep

And to be completely honest, there definitely wasn't a lack of literature on the topic...

I went through tons of specialized literature both national and international.

I selected all the techniques I considered most promising and wrote them down in my "baby's sleep notebook", which grew daily by several pages.

But the following problem remained:

The majority of the sleeping methods either did not work at all, or only for a very short time.

I also realized that there was a lot of contradictory advice with many inconsistencies, for example "just let your baby cry" and "never let your baby cry"...

Who was supposed to make sense out of all of this?

Luckily, I had an epiphany and a wonderful idea...

Completely overwhelmed by the mass of contradictory advice, I consulted with a renowned expert on sleep

His speciality? The process of sleep for newborns and infants

Well, to be completely honest, it was actually my husband who led me to this idea initially...

An old college friend of his knew this sleeping expert personally. And this specialist just recently published several new studies - with in some cases extraordinary results.

His fee for a three hour consultation was not low at all, but I was so determined to find a working and reliable method for falling asleep that I went for it anyway...

After a few emails and phone calls we arranged an appointment for a consultation and I showed him all my notes I collected so far - and of course asked a lot of questions.

He praised my stock of knowledge on the topic which I naturally found very flattering :)

However, he quickly told me that I completely missed several crucial aspects of the matter...

Eventually, we talked for far more than the initially arranged 3 hours and I felt like having an epiphany every 5 minutes.

He shared information and other practical advice with me which I have never encountered in any book or other sources (including the internet) before.

At the end of the consultation my notebook had grown again, this time by a lot of new pages, and I couldn't wait to test my new knowledge in the real world!

Once I was at home, I quickly started with the new "sleeping protocol".

I knew of course that I shouldn't expect any results overnight, however I had already noticed in the same night that Martina was much calmer than before!

But the biggest surprise was: Within days, Martina could fall asleep completely independently!

I was completely overwhelmed by pure joy and also felt a great deal of relief!

She finally could fall asleep without any problems and also only rarely woke up during the night.

But after I caught up on some sleep for several days, I asked myself:

Mabye this all happened by pure chance?

Thankfully, I had the ideal preconditions to test my new method with more children than just my own Martina...and that's when I informed the parents of my day care center.

I summarized all my notes, processes and methods in an easy-to-follow guide and handed it to several of the parents of whom I knew that they had to deal with the same problems I had every day.

Already after about a week, I received countless of calls and mails from parents who applied my technique

Nearly all of the parents who received my system reported a similar success to the one I had with Martina!

Here a several of the thankful reactions and messages I received:

Disclaimer: Results may vary from baby to baby since every child is different.

When I told my husband of the many thanks and messages I received, he told me that I had an obligation to share my method with even more parents.

And I think he was quite right. But now the question was...

How can I publish all of this? I didn't know anyone working for one the big publishing houses or even for a magazine...

Fortunately, we finally had the idea to share everything with other parents in a digital format via a personal website.

You surely have realized by now: You are currently on that website!

I summarized all my notes, information, daily plans and techniques into a foolproof step-by-step instruction. And all this in a digital format which you can access via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

On top of that, I also recorded an audiobook for you to listen to whenever you feel like it (for example in the car or when out for a run)!

I simply call it:

Finally, Sleep for your Baby

The handbook for all overtired parents

  • So far completely unpublished methods, techniques and specific processes which you simply have to follow step by step
  • 7 mistakes, parents often make unconsciously but which prevent babies and infants from falling asleep properly
  • This is of course not the old (but well-known) "just let the baby cry" method!
  • Suitable for all children aged 0 to 36 months
  • 5 handy night routines which will condition your baby to quickly fall asleep (and stay asleep throughout the night!)
  • Does your baby suffer somestimes from painful muscel tensions? I will show you, how to get rid of these tensions...
  • Practical and tested strategies against common problems such as hiccups
  • What to do when your baby starts to cry excessively and how you can easily calm down your little one in no time (even if you are on the road)
  • Each and every child is unique: During my work with the sleep expert, we developed various plans of actions which allow you to choose an individual method and approach that is right for your child
  • And of course many more helpful tips...

In addition, you will also receive the accompanying audiobook

Lastly, a very special bonus for you:

White Noise - A very particular audio frequency which simulates the sounds of the maternal body and which will create an atmosphere of "heavenly sleep" for your baby. Try it for yourself!

The so-called "White Noise" simulates all the sounds of the womb which were heard by your child for 9 months:

Inhaling & exhaling, blood flow, or vibrations of the vocal cords for example.

The constant and calming White Noise can help your child to sleep through the entire night since it blocks out erratic background noises such as conversations in adjacent rooms, passing cars, slamming doors, etc.

That's how your child won't get disturbed anymore during the night!

Some feedback from (once again) happy parents

Disclaimer: Results may vary from baby to baby since every child is different.

Okay, but what's the price?

I really wish I could offer you my digital program for free, however my months-long research and running this website unfortunately cost quite a bit of money and time.

In addition, the consultation fees for the sleeping expert easily exceeded $1,300.

Because of this I want you to offer my digital system at an extremely fair price point to cover my own expenses.

In the beginning, I offered my complete method for an all-in price of $129.99 (and there were many families telling me that it was worth every single penny).

However, I realized over time that parents with a limited budget were scared away by the price which of course was never my intention.

That's why I offer you today my complete digital system for a one-time only $129.99 $27

All payments are facilitated by our secure partner Digistore24.

You will receive access to my complete sleeping system instantaneously after your payment. That's how you can start right away (even if it's in the middle of the night) and read it on your computer, smartphone or tablet (or listen to the audiobook on your iPod).

My 30 day 100% Money back guarantee

No success? = Money back

Take your time and think about it since you can simply test my system without any risk. In the unlikely event of you not being happy with the results of my sleeping system, simply drop me an email and you will get your money back - no questions asked!


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